Bayonne maps on CD for the years 1668 1873 1880 1908 1919 pre 1900.


  • Are you working on your Family History which has ancestors who lived on William Street or Central Street, but you can not locate these streets on current maps of Bayonne? You will be able to locate streets that once existed and those that were renamed.

  • Ever wonder where the Bayonne Opera House, Bijou Theatre or Strand Theatre once were?
    You can locate these and many more points of interest of Bayonne including fire houses, schools, hospitals, hotels, churches, parks, casinos, estates,  businesses, train stations, clubs and more.

  • Ever wonder why Bayonne has a North Street and no South Street?
    South Street did exist in Bayonne and you can know where it was located.
  • Wondering if the house you live in or own existed in 1908 or other years?
    Some map years have outline of buildings and even street numbers to easily locate an address.
  • Did you know that Bayonne had two well known cemeteries?
    The Van Buskirk cemetery on Constable Hook was removed in the early 1900s but the public cemetery located by 21st Street and Old Hook Road is still in existence with over 1200 interments.
  • Would you like to know how large Bayonne's industrial area was or the size of the oil industry?
    Some map years depict warehouses, industrial buildings, storage tanks, rail access and docks.
  • Were you aware that the Sixteenth Street Park was once extended to the Boulevard?
    The three major parks on the Newark bay are on man made land, once being all water.

  • There are many things you can learn of the history of Bayonne from viewing these maps.
This auction is for one CD which contains images of Bayonne maps for 1668, three images for 1873, one image of 1880, seven plate images for 1908, seven plate images for 1919, and one unknown year pre 1900 map. All images are in JPEG format and can be viewed using your favorite graphic program that can handle JPEG images. Three sizes of each image are on the CD. That is a total of 30 images included on this CD. The large JPEG images are 300 dots per inch and most are 7000 pixels wide with file size ranging from over ten megs in size to over 57 megs. The medium JPEG images are compressed for faster image loading for slower computers and the file sizes range from 1.3 to 3.9 megabytes. The small JPEG images are compressed and are mostly 150 DPI, these images can be used for fast browsing.


  • Included as a bonus is a list of sixty-seven streets that were changed by the January 3, 1888 ordinance.
    sample images not actual size of images

    PC and Mac compatible